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That's what we're all about!

As you might expect, at Pims we offer only the best local products, selected with love and care in order to serve the highest quality to our customer.
That is nothing new and most of the restaurant does the same so.. what is so special about pims? The name itself is already borderline, we have to admit it.
Among soldiers and criminals, the word „Bims“ referred to the dry bread that was served to the prisoners once in jail, where they were forced to live out of water and bread. Subsequently, the term was used to indicate a stuffed bun or sandwich.
Our burger got its name from this tradition: .
the pims

Today pims represent the authentic Burger pleasure in Bolzano

That depends a lot on our team: an ensamble of young, creative and passionate people, wild at heart but faithful in the soul. Unconventional free spirits, counscious of their origins.

Which in „pims-slang“ means:

We are delighted by all the tasty and beautiful things our land offers to us.
We select this delicacies and we create a truly „pims-experience“ out of it, no matter if on a plate, in a glas, or in the entire restaurant.
And for food lover as we are, there is only one thing that count: that it taste good!!

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